Minister of Economy met with the Executive Director of the Foreign Investment Council (FIC)

15. March 2016by ficba

Muharem Sabic, Minister of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton met with Sanja Miovcic, Executive Director of the FIC and discussed about organizing the “International Business Forum 2016” to be held in mid-September 2016 in Sarajevo.

“The Foreign Investors Council €ť represents the interests of foreign companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and aims to act as a single voice of foreign investors in the country. The mission of the FIC is to promote conditions for improvement of business in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of achieving further economic development and general prosperity of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. FCI is actively cooperating with the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other relevant partners in the implementation of legal reforms and the obstacles faced by foreign investors and businessmen in the country. The Council brings together more than 45 international and regional companies from different sectors. To date, the FIC has invested over 9 billion KM and its members employ more than 13,000 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina €ť, said Sanja Miovcic.

The Minister of Economy said that “International Business Forum 2016” aims to present projects, opportunities for business development and investment in the Sarajevo Canton, which would encourage new business initiatives, as well as promote the region and give support to the development of domestic and foreign investment. The Forum participants will be representatives of foreign and domestic companies, prominent persons in the political and economic life of the country and the region.

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