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Foreign Investors Council (FIC) is an independent, non-profit business association, representing the interests of investors present in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our activities are focused on improving the investment climate in the country in order to create better business conditions for foreign and domestic investors.


The FIC objectives are the improvement of the investment and business environment in BiH, and the promotion of communication and cooperation between the business council and the authorities in BiH.

The FIC is committed to: 

  • Communicate and cooperate with the relevant authorities in BiH and other relevant partners in overcoming difficulties and obstacles faced by foreign investors;
  • Submit recommendations on draft laws and other legislative or regulatory documents relevant for investors and business community;
  • Promote the interests of the international business community in BiH, good corporate governance and business ethics, and positive image of foreign investment in general;
  • Initiation and engagement in other activities of interest and importance to the FIC members;
  • Link with other business organizations across the globe to (a) benefit from best practices sharing and to (b) study concrete means to facilitate regional operations;
  • Develop periodicals books and documents which may be useful for the improvement of business environment;
  • Provides full support to its members – represent, express and advance the shared opinions of its members to promote a common interest and to stimulate improvement of business environment;


International and domestic companies


Our members employ over 20.000 BiH citizens

4,5 billions

Our members invested over 4,5 billion euros in BiH

Vision & Mission

FIC aims to be the single voice of investors present in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our mission is to advocate investment climate improvement and overall business environment in BiH for the general prosperity of future economic development. FIC will deliver practical support to all investors and promote good business practices of foreign and domestic companies.


President of the Board of Directors

The President is legal representative of the FIC. The BoD shall decide by mutual agreement who shall serve as the President of the FIC. The President is responsible for organizing and leading the activities of the FIC and performing other duties in accordance with the Statute.

Executive Office

The Executive Office consists of the Executive Director and the Legal Affairs Coordinator, appointed by the President. The Executive Director leads and manages the country operations and runs day to day activities. The Legal Affairs Coordinator is responsible for all legal aspects of the business, including personnel and administrative affairs.

Working groups


FIC network


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