Telemach d.o.o. Sarajevo

Telemach d.o.o. Sarajevo
About Telemach
Telemach is the largest operator of analog and digital television, and one of the leading providers of broadband Internet services in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the fixed line operator, since the end of 2010. Telemach BiH was formed by a combination of cable distributors across the country during 2010, 2011 and 2012 (BH CabelNET, GlobalNET and Elob from Sarajevo, Monet from Mostar, Telekabel from Zenica, Art-Net from Kiseljak and Vi-Net from Visoko, and today employs 215 people. The average age of employees is 30.
In cooperation with companies SBB Serbia,Telemach Slovenia, global OTT platform NetTV and about 15 smaller companies, which has the same majority shareholder and Chairman of the Board, Telemach makes an unique telecommunications system in the former state, under the name of United Group.
Telemach is a young company, proud of it´s four-year business in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Telemach plans to expand and increase the scope of services. Operations relating to the provision of analogue television, D3 digital television, cable Internet and digital phone service fixed. Covering the network: 200 000 households in 17 cities in Bosnia&Herzegovina.
Provides it´s customers innovative and advanced services based on the latest technologies, raising the level of competitiveness of the BiH market, and enhancing the experience and usage habits of fixed telecommunications services.
At the end of 2013. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. LP (together with it´s affiliated companies, “KKR”) has signed a contract for the purchase Telemach / SBB group of fund Mid Europe Partners.
About KKR
Founded in 1976 and led by Henry Kravis and George Roberts, KKR is a leading global investment fund, which is on June 30, 2013 operated with 83.5 billion dollars in assets. With offices around the world, KKR manages assets through a vast variety of investment funds. KKR seeks to create value by bringing operational expertise to it´s portfolio companies and through active monitoring and control of their investments. KKR complements it´s investment expertise and strengthens interactions with investors through a fund relationships with customers and platform for large markets. KKR & Co. LP actions are on New York Stock Exchange. KKR includes branches, investment funds and any other related investements companies.
Main services: analog and digital TV, broadband internet, fixed telephony
With it´s range of internet services, digital and analog television and fixed telephony, and after a few years of work, Telemach´s services today are provided by a growing number of users increasing by the day its presence and share in the Bosnian&Herzegovina market. Telemach first started with analogue service – cable television, then the introduction of broadband Internet, where users choose more stable and faster access to internet rather then dial up access. Telemach was the first operator who introduce FLAT fixed telephony, where users can talk for 0 KM/min to all networks in Bosnia&Herzegovina. Telemach was the first who offer users a favor from television transmission of television content in a standard digital resolution, and then on a high resolution, which actually inject SD and HD TV product at B & H market. Telemach was the first in bundling all kind of it´s services in DUO AND TRIO package, offering users a more favorable price and easier way to use the service. Telemach offer includes the largest number of HD channels via 30 channels.
Telemach Solutions represents a platform for business customers, providing top quality services through flexible solutions, fully customized business needs.
The basic objective Telemach Solutions is that through building partnerships with business users can provide all ICT services and equipment in one place. Thanks to it´s own infrastructure supported cutting-edge technology and services Telemach Solutions can provide the services necessary for modern business in all segments of the business: entrepreneurs, large companies and the public sector. Telemach constant challenge is working together, through their work they are providing the opportunity for further training to their employees. The company is as successful, how successful they are the people who make it. Precisely for this reason thwy attach great importance to quality-based and offers professional education and training of all their employees.
Admir Drinić
+387 33 756 590
+387 33 452 188
Telemach BH
Džemala Bijedića 216, 71 210 Ilidža, Bosna i Hercegovina

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