Studen Holding

Studen Holding

The Development of the Studen Holding began opening the first trading company in Vienna in 1992. As a significant investor in the Western Balkans Studen Holding has built its successful business by privatization of factory for production of vegetable oil in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2002, when the Bimal factory in Brcko relaunched its production facilities. Only a few years later there was a realization of one of the largest projects in the food industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is to build the only sugar refinery in the country, Studen-AGRANA Sugar Refinery. In this way, the manufacturing center of the business group became the Brcko District where is located the biggest agribusiness in the region.

Through investments worth of 200 million Studen Holding is present as one of the most important investors in the Western Balkans, with more than 500 employees in the business group. Constant expansion of knowledge and business development both in the Balkans and the countries of Southeast Europe there was a vision of creating their own brands. Therefore, Studen Holding has developed a fully integrated supply chain from procurement of raw materials to the final product, and its portfolio includes products and recognizable brands of white crystalline AGRAGOLD sugar and edible oil Bimal.

The moto of Studen Holding is that “quality does not recognize the trade-offs” to the achievement of broader goals of the company who is focused on segments of manufacturing, trading and distribution of agri commodity. Constant investment in production facilities and product quality Bimal Holding scored oil seed processing capacity of 26,000 tons per year increased up to today””s 120,000 t of processed seeds. In the same way, AGRAGOLD sugar has achieved initial production plans and this year produced the million tons of processed sugar.

Since Studen Holding for 25 years accompanied by a clear vision of development and orientation towards international and emerging market, business group started a new phase of the investment cycle in the food industry in the region of the Western Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and plans to implement more than 20 million KM of new investments.

Corporate Communications Director:
Nataša Pucar
+387 49 230 050
+387 49 220 585
Studen Holding
Bijeljinska 9, 76100 Brčko, Bosna i Hercegovina

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