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NLB Banka a.d. Banja Luka is one of the leading banks in the Republic of Srpska, which bases its operations on the principles of liquidity, security, and profitability, respecting banking standards. Additional values ​​for us are stability, amount of capital, great credit potential, as well a prestigious reputation, and confirmed quality. Over 25,000 legal entities and more than 260,000 citizens have given us their trust. This modern and dynamic financial institution with a quarter-century-long tradition of successful growth and business currently employs almost 500 workers. In addition to the widespread network consisting of 47 branches and 70 ATMs in the Republic of Srpska, in recent years intensive work has been done on the development and improvement of digital channels and services so that they are available to the customers 24/7. The first bank in BiH to develop mobile banking for legal entities.


For NLB Banka, this region is not just a spot on the map – this is our home. Through intensive work on integrating sustainability into our business, respecting the UN principles of responsible banking and ESG principles of sustainability, in all business segments we are focused on the needs of today’s generation and at the same time preserving the potential and creating better opportunities for future generations.

Long-term efforts to maintain and improve the quality of assets, which indicates the long-term viability and seriousness of the bank, shows that we are ready for whatever may come.

About us

Lidl is the largest European food retail chain. Together with Kaufland, it is part of the SCHWARZ group whose headquarters are located in Germany, in the city of Neckarsulm. Our success story begins in 1973 when the first store opened in the city of Ludwigshafen under the name Lidl & Schwarz KG. This store, with only a few employees and 500 products, becomes the foundation of future strategy and expansion.

Lidl opens its first stores outside Germany in 1989, in France, after which it continues strong expansion and growth in other European countries.

Lidl currently operates in 32 countries on 3 continents. It has more than 200 logistics centers around the world, over 12,000 open stores, and our international team has over 360,000 employees.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina Lidl BH d.o.o. begins operations on March 8, 2021. Our first employees have started many preparatory activities in order to successfully open the doors of our first stores.

The key to our success is simplicity, a clear business model and taking responsibility. Responsible use of resources and respect for employees, consumers and business partners are what guide our daily activities. Everything we do, we do in a way to be a good example to others. As an international company, we respect the diversity of cultures and recognize the diversity of their values and traditions.

The driving force at Lidl is people and the desire to progress and be better. Employees are our greatest strength. It is extremely important to us that all employees are satisfied and develop in conditions where they can realize their full potential. We put emphasis on creating a good working atmosphere, dedicated and thorough induction and development of employees according to their personal ambitions and affinities.

We work as a team, we are dynamic, we encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge, we are focused on results and quality.

As an employer, we are reliable and safe. We are committed to a corporate culture where we encourage employees to explore new opportunities and try other options. We see mistakes as opportunities for learning and development. We value employees and approach them without prejudice, respecting their personality and abilities. We build a respectful environment, expecting all team members to do so.

We at Lidl have a unique goal, which crosses the boundaries of teams, sectors or positions. The role of each of us is to contribute to the community. Our presenters are part of the team and have an additional mission, to put common achievements in the spotlight. This approach to management is our task, but also the promise we make to our employees.

Direktor: Tomasz Pawel Lis

LIDL BH d.o.o.; Džemala Bijedića br. 279; 71210 Ilidža, Sarajevo; Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kolektor je globalni dobavljač koji se može pohvaliti tradicijom visoko specijalizirane industrijske proizvodnje. U skoro 60 godina iskustva, postali su globalni dobavljač komponenti i sistema za mobilnost, a dodali su programe izvan automobilske industrije u procesu diversifikacije i globalizacije i proširili se na druge kontinente. Kolektor CCL d.o.o. dio je koncerna Kolektor iz Slovenije i bavi se razvojem, proizvodnjom i prodajom komutatora za potrebe automobilske industrije i industrije ručnih i kućanskih aparata. Naš uspjeh, kao i druge kompanije koncerna, baziramo na ljudima, njihovom znanju i kontinuiranom učenju, poduzetničkom duhu i efikasnom korištenju svih internih i eksternih resursa.

Zeochem is a quality-oriented Swiss company with locations throughout the world. Zeochem, a manufacturer of high-quality molecular sieves, chromatography gels and deuterated compounds, was established more than 200 years ago. With manufacturing facilities in Rüti, Switzerland; Louisville, Ky. (USA); Donghai, China; and Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, they offer a wide range of high-performance products and provide coordinated global support. For more information visit the website

Euro Limun Ltd. Doboj is a company founded in 2006. in Doboj – Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company offers the regular, oversize and overweight transport (abnormal road transport), mobile cranes services, escorts and permits for oversize and overweight transport, and all other services related to the field of transport of goods.

The company has its own transport capacities (fleet of trucks and trailers / semi-trailers for regular and all types of oversized and overweight transport) as well as its own mobile cranes of different capacities (from 5 to 220 tons), and operates in BiH and Europe. In addition to a large number of business partners and service users in BiH, the company has developed a significant network of business associates throughout Europe, which allow to provide services efficiently and affordably in markets outside BiH. Due to aforementioned reasons more than 80% of company revenue is generated in EU. Since its establishment, the company is in constant growth and expansion both in terms of business volume, and in a variety of services and markets it covers.

EOS MATRIX d.o.o. was founded in early 2011 in Sarajevo and has been operating in the Bosnian market for almost 11 years. EOS MATRIX d.o.o. Sarajevo belongs to the EOS Group, the leading European provider of financial services in the field of receivables management. The EOS Group, based in Hamburg, is an international corporation that largely provides its services in the European Union as the most regulated financial market in the world.

EOS provides its services in 26 countries, in over 50 branches, and together with the partner network, it is present in more than 150 countries. Today, the EOS Group employs almost 7,000 people and supports 20,000 clients worldwide.

Molson Coors Brewing Company is the world’s third largest brewing company with more than 90 outstanding brands that delight beer lovers around the world. It employs about 9,000 people. The company manufactures, advertises and sells a range of leading premium brands, such as: Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Blue Moon, Killian’s and Cobra in North and South America; Carling, Staropramen, Jelen, Ožujsko, Nikšićko, Borsodi, Kamenitza and ThunderBolt in Europe and Asia. It has operating segments in Canada through Molson Coors Canada; in the United States through MillerCoors; in the UK and Ireland and Central Europe through Molson Coors Europe and in the international market through Molson Coors International. Molson Coors is listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for North America and is constantly looking for ways to improve its brewing image.. Molson Coors in Bosnia and Herzegovina operates through Molson Coors Banja Luka, founded in 2011 based in Banja Luka, with the main activities of importing and supporting sales and marketing activities of beer brands of our breweries, primarily breweries from Serbia (Apatin Brewery – Jelen), Croatia Zagreb Brewery – Ožujsko) and Montenegro (Trebjesa – Nikšićko). Other brands of Molson Coors Banja Luka are: Niksic Beer, Apatin Beer, Staropramen, Beck’s, Lowenbrau, Stella Artois, Corona, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Blue Moon, Worthington’s and Miller. Molson Coors Banja Luka, as a member of the Molson Coors Brewing Group and a socially responsible company, operates according to the following priorities: responsibility towards employees and the community, the environment, responsible consumption and the creation of long-term economic values.

For more information about the Molson Coors Brewing Company, visit the website

Molson Coors d.o.o. Banjaluka
Mladena Stojanovića 43, 78 000 Banja Luka


LYKOS Balkan Metals d.o.o. based in Bijeljina is a B&H subsidiary of the Australian company LYKOS Metals Limited, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: LYK). LYKOS Metals Limited through LYKOS Balkan Metals d.o.o. Bijeljina plans to invest in geological research of base and precious metals at three locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The research will be conducted in the municipalities of Petrovo, Mrkonjic Grad, as well as in part Jezero and Shipovo, and in the municipality of Cajnice. LYKOS’s research venture, which should bring a significant boost to the economy of Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be based on research into economically viable reserves of lead, zinc and copper ores in order to open environmentally sustainable mines. The conditions for listing on the ASX dictate strict business rules from the start and the global standards of environmental sustainability that LYKOS has committed itself to adhering to. These standards impose environmental protection as an absolute priority on which business success depends.

Company profile

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. We have approximately 197,000 employees and we operate in over 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world.

Huawei’s mission is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. To this end, we will: drive ubiquitous connectivity and promote equal access to networks to lay the foundation for the intelligent world; provide the ultimate computing power to deliver ubiquitous cloud and intelligence; build powerful digital platforms to help all industries and organizations become more agile, efficient, and dynamic; redefine user experience with AI, offering consumers more personalized and intelligent experiences across all scenarios, including home, travel, office, entertainment, and fitness & health.

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