Raiffeisen Bank d.d.

Raiffeisen Bank d.d.

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The bank was founded on 7th November 1992 and started its operations as Market banka dd Sarajevo, a stock corporation of private shareholders owning the vast majority of shares (more than 90 per cent).  The end of the war and the activities taken in the aftermath to reconstruct the country and recover its economy gave a twofold impetus to the bank. First, they significantly improved the level and the quality of services provided in the post-war period. Second, they gave an additional boost to the growth of the bank’s financial results and its individual balance sheet positions. Two goals were on the forefront in the post-war period. The first was growing and expanding strongly. The second was putting up with the competition and emerging from it even stronger than before, always ready to face whatever challenges the post-war years would bring. It was thanks to the quality of its business performance that the bank quickly attained the hallmark of a successful and profitable bank. Despite modest conditions prevailing on the local financial market, Market banka managed to win foreign investors over to raise its capital base by means of cash contributions. This addition made the bank foreign-owned, with its ownership passing to the following majority shareholders:  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 23.53%, Futura Investment Ltd. Douglas 13.74%, Soros Economic Development, Delaware 11.80% and DEG-Deutsche Investitions und Entwicklungsgessellschaft mbH Koln 11.57%.

On 21st July 2000, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG acquired the majority of the bank’s shares (89.71 per cent). This transaction was followed by an integration of the bank, now operating as Raiffeisen BANK dd Bosna i Hercegovina, into the RZB Group covering 15 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe. With the acquisition of Hrvatska Poštanska Banka dd Mostar in May 2001, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG became the sole owner of another local bank which continued its operations as Raiffeisen Bank HPB dd Mostar. The 1st January 2003, the day when Raiffeisen Bank HPB was merged into Raiffeisen BANK dd Bosna i Hercegovina, marked the beginning of a new era in the bank’s business. This merger enabled the bank to significantly expand its network and to further strengthen its position on the local market, reaching a balance sheet total which passed the one-billion-KM-mark.  

Among the first banks in the country, Raiffeisen BANK dd Bosna i Hercegovina signed an agreement with the Deposit Insurance Agency which covers all deposits. Headquartered in Sarajevo, the bank operates a branch network with offices in Sarajevo, Istočno Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Bihać, Zenica, Brčko, Tešanj, Vitez, Goražde,Visoko, Trebinje, Orašje, Kakanj, Žepče, Široki Brijeg, Livno, Bijeljina, Cazin, Prijedor, Gradiška, Laktaši, Mrkonjić Grad, Kozarska Dubica, Novi Grad, Prnjavor, Derventa, Doboj, Modriča, Brod, Zavidovići, Kiseljak, Teslić, Travnik, Gračanica, Gradačac, Živinice, Lukavac, Srebrenik, Odžak, Zvornik, Ugljevik, Velika Kladuša, Sanski Most, Ključ, Bosanska Krupa, Konjic, Čapljina, Čitluk, Međugorje, Grude, Ljubuški, Posušje and Tomislavgrad.

The be-all and end-all of Raiffeisen bank’s market competitiveness are permanent investments into new technologies, experienced staff whose skills are constantly developed, emphasis on individual customer approach and bringing out state-of-the-art products and services.  Besides Raiffeisen BANK itself, form Raiffeisen INVEST, Raiffeisen CAPITAL, Raiffeisen SAC, Raiffeisen LEASING and Raiffeisen ASSISTANCE Raiffeisen Group in Bosnia and Herzegovina..

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Raiffeisen Bank
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