Challenges and opportunities of “targeted globalization” for the post-pandemic world – Jahorina hosts First Global Business Executive Retreat 2021

18. June 2021by ficba

Thanks to the initiative of the Foreign Investments Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIPA) and the Foreign Investors Counci (FIC), and under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the period from 1 to 4 July 2021 on the mountain Jahorina, the 1st business meeting will be held entitled: “Challenges and opportunities of “targeted globalization” for the post-pandemic world“.

New times require new approaches to business, but it also offers new opportunities therefore “Global Business Executive Retreat 2021” is a unique event that will be held in a new format, which aims to bring together representatives from the private and public sector and business people from the region and around the world, but also to promote domestic companies in other markets, and establish new and strengthen existing trade ties.

In compliance with all prescribed epidemiological measures, in the pleasant atmosphere of the Olympic mountain Jahorina, which will be provided by the upcoming conference, through interesting panels with attractive names from the business world, from West Africa, Gulf countries, European Union, Turkey, China and the region, very current topics will be addressed, such as connecting the Western Balkans with other regions of the world, free zones, modern technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship in today’s post-pandemic era, as well as the topic of tourism today.

Special emphasis will be placed on topics that attract investors but also promote domestic companies as potential investors and subcontractors in other markets of the world ready to accept serious investment projects and strengthen trade ties.

We believe that the Global Business Executive Retreat will create an excellent platform for the exchange of best business practices, but also for networking with key individuals from the Western Balkans and other countries.

This conference will bring together 100 business participants from more than 20 countries, representatives of the private and public sectors, and representatives of the international community, organizations and business associations.

Opportunities for business discussions and networking will be provided through B2B meetings and numerous joint activities and gatherings, such as trips to Jahorina, and visits to Sarajevo and Ravne Park in Visoko.

You can find the registration form HERE, and find out more about the program at THIS link.

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