By forming more free zones, BiH would attract more foreign investors

14. July 2021by ficba

One hundred participants from different parts of the world, and more than thirty panelists and speakers, participated in the first Global Business Executive Retreat 2021 conference, which was held recently in Jahorina.

Topics discussed at the conference were free zones, innovation and entrepreneurship, digitalization, and tourism.

“One of the ways in which the state could push foreign investors is to form more free zones, and investors must not be alone. The ministry will be a service and help with every problem, so that investments increase and run smoothly,” said Stasa Kosarac. Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, at a panel discussion on the establishment of free zones in BiH according to the model of the most famous free zones in the region and the world.

Branimir Muidža, President of the Council of Foreign Investors, stressed that BiH must turn to attracting foreign investment because there is interest in investing in our country, and that the key message is that no serious investor has lost their capital doing business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For the development of tourism and promotion of BiH, said Jawad Yousuf Alhawaj, one of the most important businessmen of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the establishment of a direct airline between Bahrain and BiH is of great importance, which will contribute to strengthening business ties between the two countries.

The conclusion of the discussion, which discussed the challenges and opportunities of targeted globalization for the post-pandemic world, is that, regardless of all challenges, it is necessary to continue investing in people and education, and develop competencies to strengthen the growth of both domestic and foreign companies.

The conference was especially important with the participation of representatives of investors from West Africa and the founder and president of the Business Association of Central and Eastern Europe and West Africa (CEEWABA) Michael A. DADA, who recognized the potential of our companies and pointed out the importance of establishing close business ties with West African countries. , primarily Nigeria and Ghana.

Representatives of Huawei BiH also participated in the panels on the second day of the conference. Xu Kun, CEO, pointed out that digitalization could be the key to the development of society, and that Huawei BiH is ready to cooperate with all stakeholders to give its full contribution to the digitalization process.

“Successful digitization must be a joint effort of all relevant participants (telecom operators, ministries, regulatory agencies, companies, universities) and only in this way can we achieve great results,” Kun said.

In addition to the interesting official part of the program, international and domestic guests of the conference had the opportunity during their three days in Bosnia and Herzegovina through business meetings and connections to enjoy entertainment, such as sightseeing in Sarajevo, then a tour of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, and meet the beauties and the tourist potential of the Olympic mountain Jahorina.

Global Business Executive Retreat 2021 was organized by the Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investments in BiH and the Council of Foreign Investors in BiH (FIC), and under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This conference, as ordered after the meeting, met the expectations of organizers and participants and created an excellent platform for exchanging experiences and best business practices, but also for networking and cooperation of renowned experts and eminent names from the global economic and political scene.

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