Working meeting on: ‘Legislation on Liquid Petroleum Fuels in BiH and their Compliance with EU Regulations’

17. March 2015by ficba

The meeting was organized by FIC BiH with strong support of EU Delegation in BiH aiming better regulations in fuel and liquid fuels sector. Since our country is on SAA path we would like to emphasize importance of reforming specific sectors.

Representatives of entitled ministries for this issue as well as inspectorates were discussing with companies implementation of laws from the field. This is a good way to communicate with business community in order to have stable laws and satisfied investors.

The aim of this workshop was to open dialogue between the institutions responsible for this area, suppliers and other energy subjects, and also discuss the problems and dilemmas in the practical application of laws and regulations, which include the following:

€˘ Compliance of the regulations on liquid petroleum fuels within BiH with EU legislation;
€˘ Harmonization of quality, volume of sampling and monitoring conduct costs of the liquid fuels and LPG quality;
€˘ Quality standards of liquid fuels;
€˘ Labelling of petroleum fuels in pump machines and traffic of the petroleum fuels additives.
€˘ The guests agreed on continuation of such activities including RS and BiH level.

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