Law on Amendments to the Law on the Policy of FDI in BiH put into effect

25. March 2015by ficba

The Law on Amendments to the Law on the Policy of FDI in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been published on March 16, 2015 in the Official Gazette of BiH 22/15. In consultations to amend this Law were involved the representatives of the Foreign Investors Council BiH.

The amendments provide that “the foreign investor has the right to invest, reinvest profits of such investments into any sectors of the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the same form and under the same conditions defined for the residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the applicable laws and regulations of BiH, Entities and Brcko District of BiH “.
Foreign direct investment will be exempted from payment of customs duties, unless otherwise prescribed by the provisions of the Law on Customs Policy.

Recommendations from the FIC ‘White book” which provide abolition of certain restrictions on foreign investment in the media, have been incorporated in new Law.

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