Webinar “E-commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

4. November 2021by ficba

The Foreign Investors Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIC) and the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina (VTK BiH) organized on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, through the Zoom platform, webinar on the topic “E-commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina: creating an online store (web shops), advantages, disadvantages, models and methods of payment online”.
The aim of the webinar was to improve the knowledge of participants in the field of e-commerce from various aspects, and mutual exchange of experiences of participants in this very current area at a time when we are facing great challenges. Given the high level of interaction, exchange of experiences and numerous questions asked and answered, it is gratifying to note that the goal of the webinar has been met.
In the introductory address, Ms. Sanja Miovčić, Executive Director of the Foreign Investors Council of BiH, introduced the participants to the work, activities, goals, mission and vision of the Foreign Investors Council. Mrs. Miovčić thanked those present for the great response and time for attending this webinar. The 127 participants present at the webinar is the best indicator of how current this topic is.
The webinar participants were addressed by Mr. Mirza Konjo on behalf of the Institute for Education of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH. He pointed out that the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the implementation of many activities with the prefix ‘e’, such as e-commerce, e-learning, etc. In times of challenge and crisis, owning an e-commerce was key to presenting products and services to potential customers.
Mr. Konjo also introduced the participants to the project “Digital Chamber”, and the activities of VTK BiH on the development of self-study courses within the “Digital Academy”, which will be available to BiH business community through LMS VTK BiH until the end of 2021.
The introductory lecture was given by Mr. Dušan Makrlík, sales manager, Retailys.com s.r.o., on “The role of Saas (Software as a Service) in the global omnichannel expansion in Europe”. Retailys.com is a fast-growing Czech e-commerce engineer company, the first in the Czech Republic to develop a so-called “multi-channel e-commerce platform”, a platform that allows retailers to sell their products through many different online sales channels simultaneously in Europe. Thus, companies can easily create their own foreign European e-commerce, meeting local requirements, manage their accounts in global markets such as Amazon, eBay and other markets and price comparison websites. The system includes advanced product inventory management and warehouse management. Orders from all sales channels are displayed on one dashboard. Thanks to retail, companies can expand across Europe with just one dashboard. More information at https://www.retailys.com/our-story/.
The following experts in this field also participated in the webinar as lecturers: Ms. Dinka Majanović, Head of IT Sector Development at the MarketMakers project with the topic “Establishing an ecosystem in BiH – Online trade challenges and opportunities for development” and Mr. Jasmin Marić, OLX, Business Development Director with the topic “Online trade in BiH, examples from practice”.
The webinar was rated as very successful and useful, and it was concluded that in the coming period it is necessary to organize additional trainings on this topic.

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