VSI participated in the Sarajevo Unlimited Forum

1. April 2021by ficba0

This year, Foreign Investors Council in BiH participated and supported the organization of the Forum of Innovations, Technologies and Entrepreneurship “Sarajevo Unlimited”, which was held ONLINE on November 5 and 6, 2020 under the slogan Adaptability in the New Age.

“Sarajevo Unlimited” has become an excellent platform for connecting entrepreneurs, innovators and companies, from BiH, the region and the world, which happens once a year. The topics of this year’s forum focused on the emerging situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially investment in technology, including a more coordinated and widespread transition to digital forms, investment in smart cities to support community resilience, transition to virtual workspaces and practices, and maximum involvement and acceptance of new systems to move forward.

Interested audience this year had the opportunity to hear well-known speakers in the field of technology and innovation, such as: Martin Mossler from the Science Park in Graz who spoke about the use of space technology for commercial purposes. Then, Namik Hrle from IBM who gave a lecture dedicated to Artificial Intelligence as the basis of the digital transformation of society. Francesco Cracolici, CEO of Nomadic Minds and one of Silicon Valley’s biggest Start-up recruiters, spoke at this year’s forum about the unique experience of the IT industry’s biggest lifeblood, and shared tricks that will benefit Start-ups and those who dare to go that route, while Deborah Rozman, president and founder of the Heart Institute of California, gave a lecture on “Is the heart important in business and what role it plays in the world of innovation.”

In addition to international guests, the forum brought together a large number of domestic and regional entrepreneurs, including the President of the Foreign Investors Council in BiH, Branimir Muidža who participated in the Panel: ADAPTABILITY IN THE NEW AGE, talking about the challenges faced by companies and overall the economy in new business conditions.

The moderator of the FINTECH panel, which was held on the second day of the forum, was the executive director of FIC, Sanja Miovčić.

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