The Lukavac Cement Factory presents a film about alternative fuels

8. May 2020by ficba

As part of its project “In Friendship with Nature”, the Lukavac Cement Factory made an educational film about alternative fuels called “Pioneers in the use of alternative fuels.” This is an instructive story for all generations, which explains in a pictorial way what alternative fuels are and what are the advantages of their use in today”s world.  

Since 2012 when the use of alternative fuel as the fuel of the future has been introduced, Lukavac Cement Factory is considered a pioneer in this field. Last year, the Factory managed to achieve 45% share of alternative fuels in production process, while the current share is 60%. Considering its technical capabilities, the Lukavac Cement will have a substitution up to 70% by the end of 2020.

The process of using waste as an alternative fuel is a safe way to valorize waste that can bring multiple benefits to the community and the cement industry. In addition to a significant reduction in high energy consumption costs, the future of the factory and creation of new jobs is ensured. It is a “green” alternative, which usage greatly reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and achieves many other positive effects. One of the most important advantages of using this fuel is the preservation of the environment, i.e. the waste elimination and management in a safe and energy efficient way.

Everything you did not know before about waste fuel that saves a lot of natural resources, as well as why it is used by the Lukavac Cement Factory, you can see in this film.

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