SAVE THE DATE: Festival “Power Of Sustainability 2023”: Building a sustainable future of the Western Balkans

11. September 2023by ficba

Foreign Investors Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the “Intera” Technology Park, with the support of the City of Mostar and the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, are pleased to announce a business conference called FESTIVAL “POWER OF SUSTAINABILITY 2023” which will be held in Mostar in period of September 21-22, 2023.


This prestigious event aims to promote sustainable development, green and digital transition and business networking in the Western Balkans region. Under the theme “Building a sustainable future of the Western Balkans”, the Festival will gather important speakers, experts and representatives from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.


The two-day conference is expected to provide fertile ground for dialogue between the business sector, politics, international organizations and business associations and chambers. Panels, presentations and workshops will focus on key thematic areas:

  • Investments in green energy: Review of solar energy, wind energy and geothermal sources as key factors for sustainable energy development.
  • Circular economy: Focus on waste management, energy utilization and renewal of natural resources through innovative approaches.
  • E-mobility: Considering the decarbonisation of the transport sector and its contribution to a cleaner, healthier and more affordable future.
  • Sustainability in tourism: Highlighting ecological, economic and socio-cultural aspects of sustainable development of tourism.


“Our goal is to gather representatives of key actors in the field of investors and environmental protection from the public and private sector, international organizations and the business world from the region in the same place through this two-day event. The region is still at the very beginning of investing in sustainable business, and we believe that the exchange of experiences and ideas will encourage investments in green technology and environmentally conscious projects, thus providing the opportunity for foreign and local companies to make their business more sustainable and keep pace with the world” – the organizers point out.


Registration and participation in the event are free, and all representatives of companies, governments and the non-governmental sector who want to learn more about sustainable business and create new regional contacts can apply. You can find the registration form HERE, and learn more about the program at THIS link.


Media contact:

Sanja Miovčić, Executive Director of the Foreign Investors Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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