FIC participated at the Conference ‘Tajan 2020’

5. August 2020by ficba

On August 5, 2020 in Zavidovici
(BiH) was held a wood-technological and tourist conference called €˜Tajan 2020′,
organized by the wood cluster “Furniture and Wood” and supported by
FBiH Chamber of Commerce and other partners from BiH and region.

The conference is a continuation
of activities within the project called €˜Tajan 2020′ and it is a gathering
place for companies, institutions and entrepreneurs related to the wood
industry and forestry, environmental protection, tourism, finance and others.

The €˜Tajan 2020′ project is related
to the location of central Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the largest and most
recognized companies in the production of solid wood furniture come from, and
which have won all possible awards at world fairs.

The conference was marked by
current topics and conclusions related to the problems of placement of wood
assortments in the context of the COVID crisis, general problems in the
forestry sector due to the lack of the FBiH Forest Law, as well as important
activities in the formation of the FBiH Chamber of Engineers.

The conference was attended by
over 150 experts in this field, wood producers, representatives of public
forest companies, tourism workers, representatives of the executive and
legislative authorities of ZE-DO Canton and the Federation of BiH, as well as a
large number of entrepreneurs.

The Executive Director of the Foreign
Investors Council in BiH, Sanja Miovcic, who took part in the conference,
presented the good practice of diaspora investing in BiH, especially those in
the sector of the highest level of processing in the wood industry.

The conference ended with a tour
of the sports and recreational center of the Golf Club Krivaja, which covers an
area of €‹ €‹several tens of hectares, where an innovative approach to high
international tourism was presented.



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