Zeraa Agriculture Investment

Zeraa Agriculture Investment

Zeraa Agriculture Investment Ltd Sarajevo is a company for investment management in agriculture, which is wholly owned by investors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). So far, the company has invested 60 million BAM in the undertaken local companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnaplod Ltd Brčko and Hepok dd Mostar. After investing funds, these two companies have experienced flourishing, thus enabling the preservation of the reputation and brand of local autochthonous varieties for future generations. With great contribution to employment, they are participating in projects that lead to poverty reduction, strengthening the role of domestic co-operatives, preserving and strengthening BiH brands and contributing to recognition of BiH as a competitive country for investments.

Benjamin Vuković
+387 33 407 051
Maršala Tita 15, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

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