SHP Celex a.d. Banja Luka

SHP Celex a.d. Banja Luka

Company profile

The company SHP Celex was founded back to 1966. as in that time the most modern paper factory in the ex-Yugoslavia and privatized in 2001. by the SHP Group from Slovakia, the largest paper group in South-Eastern Europe. SHP GROUP is a member of Eco-Invest, and has so far invested over 24 million Euro in SHP Celex. Related to final products SHP Celex produces toilet paper, kitchen towels, hankies and napkins under the brand Harmony. It is important to mention that Harmony is a domestic brand produced in a factory in Banja Luka. As a long-term development is not possible without a very good product, which is made in conditions that respect the most strict quality standards, and since the beginning of the privatization a special attention was given that all equipment and technical solutions in which is the investment, present the state-of-art of technology in the production of pulp paper and paper products.

Starting from 2009 SHP Celex made paper production tests related to high softness. Roughly some factors can be named affecting the perception of softness: product rigidity, volume or compressibility and surface roughness. There are several techniques make quantification of paper softness. One of them is the technique (EMTEC) which includes an estimate of the above mentioned factors and it is used in test production to define the conditions of the production process. With the assistance of Eucalyptus pulp supplier there were made comparative analysis of references. Reference samples included paper samples from all over the world with the highest level of softness that a world leader in the production of Eucalyptus pulp (Fibria) presented in the scope of the presentation of references. The analysis of the product and production process parameters of hygienic paper are optimized production conditions: Eucalyptus pulp refining, Eucalyptus pulp share in total input, creping process, recipe components for Yankee coating. Without the application of softeners and conditioners, number values of paper softness are reached at the world””s most famous producers.

As one of many good examples of relationships with employees is the fact that the company SHP Celex scholarships, improves, educates and promotes its employees in higher education institutions, specialized schools and in its operation sectors, creating a highly educated and professionally oriented personnel, in the interest of the company, but also in the interest of the environment, with which SHP Celex lives, works and cooperates. SHP Celex invests a lot in the environment implementation so a lot of attention gives to environmental protection and ecological waste treatment. Proper waste treatment can directly influence on the protection of the environment and reduce costs which are allocated in terms of ecology. As SHP Celex is the member of the SHP Group, whose home country is the member of the EU, and activities related to professional work safety are harmonised with EU regulations. The primary task of work safety is a continuous improvement of the working conditions and providing of the optimal work conditions.

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