MT-KOMEX BH d.o.o.

MT-KOMEX BH d.o.o.


The MT-KOMEX company marked thirty years since the company was founded. At the former welding shop today a team of engineers and installers work on solar power plant construction projects.

During three decades of business, the company built and delivered equipment for more than 200 solar power plants on the ground and on roofs, the total of which is installed power greater than 80 MW. Hard-working employees of this company, 130 engineers and installers, are in charge of managing new areas of business on the domestic market, and company employees regularly attend specially prepared trainings and have all the necessary certificates.

The company’s professional team stands out for its willingness to serve clients at any time and provide full support in all phases of the project, from the development stage to the preparation of documentation for technical acceptance and obtaining of use permits, according to the “turnkey” principle.

MT-KOMEX believes that solar energy is the right solution for achieving energy independence and that’s why they work hard on the construction of solar power plants. They are persistent in helping to achieve the RES share of 40 percent by 2040, which was determined by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The great visionary Miloš Kostić, director of the company MT-KOMEX, realized that he knew very little about renewable energy sources, so in 2010, he founded the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development (CEEFOR). Today, the company has experts on its team for whom there are no insurmountable problems when it comes to designing solar power plants. The next step in the development of the two companies is the establishment of an Energy portal, a specialized online portal that tracks topics about energy efficiency, climate change, environmental protection, mobility, and sustainable development.

The development of the company’s electromobility started in 2017, after the first built-in chargers which began the development of applications and platforms, so that drivers of electric cars had all the information they needed in one place. The partnership with Virta gave birth to Charge& GO, the first digital platform and application in our country that is intended for drivers of electric cars.

The leading people of the company realized that their knowledge and experience in these areas could help develop projects in the field of renewable sources of energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is why the decision was adopted in April this year to open the company MT-KOMEX BH. Radoslav Marić, director of MT-KOMEX BH says that the market is developing really fast and it has great potential in terms of energy which is necessary for investments in renewable energy sources.

MT-KOMEX BH offers a complete package of services. The company’s professional team is working on everything, from idea to realization. Provision of all necessary permits, work on project development, obtaining all necessary approvals, the entire project, and complete administrative part according to the turnkey system.

This is one of the rare and unique offers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Radoslav Maric
+387 64 402 6295
Rade Radica 130, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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