Mikroelektronika a.d.

Mikroelektronika a.d.


Mikroelektronika AD was founded on the foundations of one of the largest and most modern companies in Southeast Europe.

Transforming from the field of military industry, in which the development function was dominant, and the quality and reliability of products are crucial, in the commercial industry, Mikroelektronika AD has become a leader in the commercial market as a manufacturer focused on monitoring and meeting the requirements of the end user, offering him not only products but also system solutions in accordance with his needs, and based on still extremely strong development potential and defined quality management policy.

In line with the general trend of rapid progress of society and technology, Mikroelektronika AD has developed a new business philosophy that it has implemented in all segments of its business. New products become complex, multifunctional devices and systems, which on several levels satisfy all existing needs of their users, and at the same time create new needs and trends.

Mikroelektronika AD today offers a new generation of products for the control and management of electricity consumption and related software solutions which, with their functionality and quality, position themselves among the leading products on the world market. Top quality devices and services, company Mikroelektronika AD guarantees with its highly professional staff, excellent technical equipment, as well as long-term presence on the market.

Mikroelektronika AD in addition to the energy segment produces fiscal systems and accompanying solutions to improve the business of all users with exceptional success.

We offer a partnership that brings innovative ideas and allows you to constantly develop and improve your business.

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:Blagoja Parovica bb, 78000 Bania Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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