Adriatic Metals BH d.o.o.

Adriatic Metals BH d.o.o.


Adriatic Metals BH d.o.o holds Exploration and Exploitation Concessions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (the Vares Project). Eastern Mining d.o.o is 100% owned by ASX and LSE Listed company Adriatic Metals PLC (ASX:ADT, LSE:ADT1)


The Vares Project contains two advanced exploration deposits, Veovaca and Rupice, which have previously been mined for Lead, Zinc and Barite. Operations ceased prior to the commencement of hostilities in the Balkans in the early 1990s. The deposits have been subject to extensive exploration, and contain significant quantities of Lead, Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper and Barite. The precious metals were irregularly assayed during exploration, but were present in produced concentrates.


The primary objective of the Company is to focus on mineral exploration and development of resource opportunities, which have the potential to deliver long-term growth for the Company, benefiting its shareholders. To achieve this, workstreams are prepared and budgeted to include but are not limited to, drilling and assaying, resource modeling, metallurgical testing, as well as engineering studies. The results of these workstreams will determine the economic viability and timing for additional work.


The exploration and development workstreams and budgeted expenditures are subject to modification on an ongoing basis and are contingent on the circumstances of the Company and the market, results and other opportunities. Expenditure may be reallocated, as a consequence of such changes, or to new opportunities arising and it will always be prioritised in accordance with due regard to geological and economic merit, as well as other factors related to the Company’s activities.

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Adriatic Metals BH d.o.o.
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