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About us

Lidl is the largest European food retail chain. Together with Kaufland, it is part of the SCHWARZ group whose headquarters are located in Germany, in the city of Neckarsulm. Our success story begins in 1973 when the first store opened in the city of Ludwigshafen under the name Lidl & Schwarz KG. This store, with only a few employees and 500 products, becomes the foundation of future strategy and expansion.

Lidl opens its first stores outside Germany in 1989, in France, after which it continues strong expansion and growth in other European countries.

Lidl currently operates in 32 countries on 3 continents. It has more than 200 logistics centers around the world, over 12,000 open stores, and our international team has over 360,000 employees.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina Lidl BH d.o.o. begins operations on March 8, 2021. Our first employees have started many preparatory activities in order to successfully open the doors of our first stores.

The key to our success is simplicity, a clear business model and taking responsibility. Responsible use of resources and respect for employees, consumers and business partners are what guide our daily activities. Everything we do, we do in a way to be a good example to others. As an international company, we respect the diversity of cultures and recognize the diversity of their values and traditions.

The driving force at Lidl is people and the desire to progress and be better. Employees are our greatest strength. It is extremely important to us that all employees are satisfied and develop in conditions where they can realize their full potential. We put emphasis on creating a good working atmosphere, dedicated and thorough induction and development of employees according to their personal ambitions and affinities.

We work as a team, we are dynamic, we encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge, we are focused on results and quality.

As an employer, we are reliable and safe. We are committed to a corporate culture where we encourage employees to explore new opportunities and try other options. We see mistakes as opportunities for learning and development. We value employees and approach them without prejudice, respecting their personality and abilities. We build a respectful environment, expecting all team members to do so.

We at Lidl have a unique goal, which crosses the boundaries of teams, sectors or positions. The role of each of us is to contribute to the community. Our presenters are part of the team and have an additional mission, to put common achievements in the spotlight. This approach to management is our task, but also the promise we make to our employees.

Tomasz Pawel Lis
+387 33 746 019
Dzemala Bijedica 279, 71210 Ilidza, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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