Lukavac Cement d.o.o.

Lukavac Cement d.o.o.

Cement factory Lukavac d.d. is a leading producer of portland and masonry cement in Bosnia and Herzegovina.With privatization in October 2001, FCL became a member of the reputable business group Asamer from Austria. The cement factory in Lukavac is now 99 percent owned by Asamer Baustoffe AG.

Asamer has become a business authority in the production of gravel, stone, cement and concrete. It spreads to the markets of Austria, Slovakia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Assamer Group employs over 1,000 workers. Business and well-being for the local and wider community in an ecologically healthy environment, along with a long-term business strategy, which includes constant investment, modernization of facilities, environmental protection, product quality improvement, and employee education and constant meeting customers and their requirements, are the foundation of business philosophy FCL. This business strategy was honored by obtaining ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certificates.

Within the Lukavac Cement Factory, there are branches in Banja Luka and East Sarajevo whose main activity is the production of concrete, and through which FCL places cement at these locations. Lukavac Cement Factory is a 50% owner of the Vijenac Limestone Mine, an industrial quarry, which, in addition to FCL, supplies limestone to other factories in Lukavac, and also provides stone aggregates for the preparation of concrete and lower layers of asphalt, as well as for embankments. of this quarry are estimated at about 350 – 400 million tons. The company “CEDIS” doo also operates within the FCL for production, construction, trade and services. We are proud of the fact that we have taken on the role of creator of a positive image of BiH and a role model, who shows all potential investors that serious investments are welcome and possible here, and that they are successfully implemented in cooperation with motivated and qualified local experts.

In the previous eight years, with over 200 million KM invested, the Asamer Group in Lukavac has made a hitherto unimaginable business and environmental revival. From a dilapidated and neglected factory, built back in 1974, with old technology, a modest capacity of about 300,000 tons of cement per year, with the commissioning of the latest production line in mid-2009, FCL reaches two and a half times the capacity. It is now able to produce over 800,000 tons of cement and 600,000 tons of clinker per year. Becoming the largest cement producer in Bosnia and Herzegovina was possible only with the right business strategy and constant investment in the latest technologies. These investments were recognized by the competent institutions as the largest “green field” investments in the BiH economy in 2008, when the Lukavac Cement Factory was awarded the first prize in the “Best Foreign Investor” category by the BiH Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA).

The latest production line incorporates modern, so-called bag filters, which emit only 10 milligrams of dust per cubic meter of air. And that is five times more environmentally efficient than the norms prescribed by the strict rules of the European Union. Today, our factory is so environmentally reliable and clean, that it could be located in the center of any European city without fear.

That is why FCL is nicknamed “Green Cement Factory” „

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Lukavac Cement
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