Address:Fra Anđela Zvizdovića br. 1, 71 000 Sarajevo
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Company profile
The company “Eco Energy” Ltd. Gračanica was founded at the end of 2005, and its main activity is the production of electricity, as well as providing consultancy and engineering services. The head office is in Gračanica and so far the company has built one small hydroelectric plant “Osanica 4” located in the municipality of Goražde.

Make use of the nature’s energy potential. In the coming period, the plan of the company is to continue the construction of small hydro and solar power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ecologically clean environment. Global warming is currently the most serious environmental problem, preceding air and water pollution.

Efficiency, creativity and uniqueness. Respecting the needs and interests of workers through incentives and promotions as they are an irreplaceable potential, support and foundation for realization of the objectives.

Muamer Jarović
+387 35 707 800
+387 35 707 801
Eco enregy
Sarajevska 1 75320 Gračanica, Bosna i Hercegovina

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