ManpowerGroup Report: What workers want in 2020 – Davos

3. February 2020by ficba

As a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum since 2003, ManpowerGroup brings bold ideas and fresh solutions to the Davos debate on how organizations can upskill and reskill their workers, shift their talent strategies to the digital age, and achieve gender parity in the workplace.

Attracting and retaining skilled workers has rarely been more challenging as 54% of companies globally report talent shortages – the highest in over a decade.
Now in its 13th year, ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage survey is the largest of its kind. This year new research reveals what attracts and retains workers and how that varies by age, gender and geography.

We truly believe you will find attached report informative and worth investing your time in digesting all the relevant conclusions we have gathered.

Download survey: Closing the Skills Gap: What Workers Want

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