FIC President, Mr. Muidža met with representatives of the European Commission

19. February 2020by ficba


During the visit of the members of the European Commission (DG ECFIN, DG NEAR and DG Employment) to Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the evaluation of the Economic Reform Program of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2020, a meeting was held with the FIC President, Branimir Muidža.

The reason for the meeting was the fact that in May 2019, the revised guidelines for the preparation of the Economic Reform Program were submitted to the candidate and potential candidate countries for EU membership, and the countries were invited to submit the document to the European Commission by January 31, 2020. This process will be repeated every year, so that the evaluation will lead to the preparation of a set of targeted policy guidelines and regular review of policy implementation. The aim is to ensure that the knowledge gained during the one-year process enters directly into the next process, to achieve continuous improvement of economic policy.

At the meeting also discussed the views of the business community on aspects that would deserve special attention of the European Commission during the preparation of this economic plan, especially the views on the main obstacles to doing business with the EU and the region in the field of trade in goods and services, customs, e-commerce.

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