FIC participated in the creation of the Development Strategy of Sarajevo Canton 2021-2027

2. November 2020by ficba

invitation by the Institute for Development Planning of Sarajevo Canton (KS),
representatives of the FIC participated in online workshops on defining
priorities and measures in the field of economic development and labor market
in order to create the Development Strategy of Sarajevo Canton 2021-2027.

addition to the representatives of the FIC, the workshops were also attended by
representatives of chambers of commerce, development agencies, line ministries
and representatives of the real sector.

the online workshops, participants identified the following proposals for
priorities and measures in the field of labor market:

  •  More efficient employment mediation
  •  Strengthen the employment mediation and
    improve the reputational capital of the KS employment service
  •  Activate the long-term unemployed citizens and
    increase the “effective €ť labor force supply
  •  Increase the effectiveness of current
    employment measures

it comes to proposing priorities and measures in the field of economic
development, the workshop participants concluded that the focus of the Sarajevo
Canton in the next five years must be on the implementation of the following

  •  Creating a business-friendly environment
  •  Increase the efficiency of administrative
  •  Reduction of fiscal and parafiscal burdens for
    business entities
  •  Development of entrepreneurial infrastructure
  •  Strengthening the competitiveness and export
    orientation of business entities
  •  Improve the technological infrastructure and
    innovation of business entities
  •  Increase the digitalization of the economy
  •  Encourage the digital transformation of
    business entities
  •  Strengthen support for the development of the
    IT sector and creative industries.

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