FIC members won “100 Greatest in BiH” awards – declared the best companies in BiH and the region

29. September 2020by ficba

The project “100 largest in BiH” which is traditionally organized by Poslovne novine in co-organization with the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH and the credit rating agency LRC Sarajevo, and the general sponsor EuroExpress d.o.o. Banja Luka, aims to show that BiH has a very successful companies that are recognized in both domestic and international markets, and among which were many FIC members. The award ceremony for the most successful companies according to the business results in 2019 was held on September 29, 2020 in Sarajevo.

Recognition for the largest exporter in the category of large companies was awarded to a FIC member, ArcelorMittal d.o.o. from Zenica, which in 2019 exported 440,499,678 KM.

The first place in terms of revenue in 2019 on the TOP 100 rankings this year was also awarded to a FIC member, Holdina d.o.o. Sarajevo with realized 1,312,111,320 KM in the category of large companies.

The largest profit in the category of large companies was made by Lager d.o.o. Posušje in the amount of 115.648.643 KM. In the medium companies category, the largest profit was collected by Oki d.o.o. Sarajevo in the amount of 9,767,971 KM, while in the category of small companies, Mile-Stone consulting d.o.o. East Ilidža with realized 4,134,225 KM profit.

At the ceremony, about thirty awards were given to the first place winners in terms of income in 2019 in certain economic activities, including: BH Telecom d.o.o. Sarajevo, FIS d.o.o. Vitez, Porsche BH d.o.o. Sarajevo and these FIC members: Nelt d.o.o. East Sarajevo, dm drogerie markt d.o.o. Sarajevo and Bosnalijek d.d. Sarajevo.

Summarizing this business event, Emil Kuckovic, Director of Poslovne novine and a member of the Management Board of LRC Group, pointed out:

“At a time when the global, regional and domestic economies are facing business challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever to bring the BiH economy back into focus and present to the public positive examples of companies that have managed to adapt their business model to overcome the crisis and achieve excellent business results. They can be a signpost for all of us that we can and must move forward, as the slogan of our conference this year reads. In addition, it is important that we now have data on the business of companies in 2019, which next year will be the basis for monitoring the effects of the pandemic on the BiH economy”, said Kuckovic.

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