EBRD Annual Meeting & Business Forum

3. April 2019by ficba

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the host of the 28th EBRD (The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) Annual Meeting and Business Forum, that will be held in Sarajevo, from 7th to 9th of May, 2019.

On this occasion, country famed for its cultural and landscape diversity, will welcome more than 2.000 representatives of the international business community, senior government officials, leading financial and corporate executives, as well as representatives of civil society organizations.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina sees this event as a great opportunity for growth and development, as well as attracting investments in its infrastructure, presenting its numerous potentials and raising the overall competitiveness. The decision to make Bosnia and Herzegovina the host country for the largest business event in the world, shows great trust and recognition of the nation’s capabilities.

Known as the “heart of the region €ť, B&H is a true embodiment of this years’ key EBRD AM topic – “Connecting Economies for Stronger Growth €ť. By being a host of such high profile event, B&H is sharing the message of its stability and unconditional commitment to the stronger growth of its own economy, with the broader international community. That is why, through a rich business forum program, an investment session and various meetings, a networking environment for connecting businessmen with world’s largest companies has been ensured, as well as for presenting projects that will contribute to the development and employment of the local population, especially the youth.

Through the B&H Investment Outlook Session, a specific part of the program, B&H will have the opportunity to present its investment opportunities and the benefits of its geostrategic position. The focus of the session will be areas in which Bosnia and Herzegovina abounds potential and where, with the help of investors, there are great opportunities for progress. This includes the IT sector, the automotive and machine industry, furniture manufacturing industry, the energy sector, tourism and many more. All businessmen are invited to submit their projects as more ideas bring more opportunities, and this one should particularly be taken advantage of.

The land, the sea, the sky, the culture and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina represent its’ greatest strength and power, the “Power of Diversity €ť, that all of the EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum participants will have a chance to experience.

Hosts of this great gathering will assure that, through official, special and cultural events, all participants experience true values €‹ €‹and beauties of this country. Hopefully, one day everyone will remember 7th, 8th and 9th May 2019 as the beginning of a new era in the history of the country; an era of an economically prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina.

About EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum

The raison d’ĂŞtre of the Annual Meeting is the Meeting of the Board of Governors of the EBRD and the statutory requirement for them to hold an €˜annual’ Meeting.   However, the overall Meeting platform also comprises a rich and diverse schedule of other parallel events such as: the Business Forum; a program for representatives of Civil Society (CSO); extensive engagement with local and international press; the Annual Donors Meeting, cultural and social functions, a Partners’ Program, and networking breakfasts.

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