Nelt d.o.o.

Nelt d.o.o.

Nelt has been operating in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2006. Beside the headquarters in Istočno Sarajevo, there are regional distribution centres in Banjaluka and Bijeljina, and a cross dock in Mostar. The company employs 340 people.  It is a member of Nelt Group, which operates in 8 markets of Southeast Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Constant improvements in quality and expansion of the range of services, as well as investments in employee development, have contributed Nelt to become one of the leading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina in distribution and logistics business.

Nelt’s current infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of 2.000 m2 of office premises and 7.500 m2 of storage space in ambient, cooled and frozen regime.

Nelt’s fleet has more than 50 delivery vehicles. Efficiency of delivery has been enabled by applied technological systems such as ERP- SAP, TMS-Sky Track, and WMS- GOLD which are interconnected in order to provide optimum solutions in realisation of logistics tasks. Over 20.000 deliveries are conducted in the entire territory of BIH, per month.

Apart from storage, warehouse manipulation and delivery, Nelt’s system of integrated logistics services also includes international transport and customs clearance services.

Benefits which the Nelt’s clients have by using this system are risk reduction and smaller costs, flexible reactions to potential changes in the market and being able to focus on their primary business. Also, interconnectivity between the client-provider system has been enabled which results in electronic exchange of data, orders and reports.

In its distribution business, Nelt d.o.o. cooperates with the following companies: Arla, Bambi, Mondelez, Neoplanta, BIC, Japan Tobacco International, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, SC Johnson, Sony, HELT, Karelia, Kent, ZLD, Philips, Bosnaplod, TDR.

In the logistics business the clients include Bosnaplod, Lactalis, R&S, Atom, Jami, Lukas Nakic, Fratello, Bonita, JTI, Hepok, Telrad, Calsberg, Alf-Om.

Nelt Executive Director:
Goran Cerovina
+387 57 318 965
Aerodromska bb, 71 123 Istočno Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

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