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Meggle has been recognised as a leader in the Bosnian market for many years. During the 20 years of doing business in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we’ve been successful in attracting the liking of a large number of customers, which in turn leads to an increase in our responsibility, but also satisfaction. Research has shown that in Bosnia and Herzegovina Meggle has become synonymous with trust, safety and quality. The opinions and the views of our citizens is shared by different agencies, associations and organisations from whom we have been receiving recognition and awards over the years. Certainly, we would like to emphasise the implementation of ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization), HACCP standards (The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System which is a system that ensures the safety of products), including Halal and IFS (International Food standard) certificates.

In addition to internationally recognised standards and certificates, also deemed important for the market is constant innovation which results from listening to market needs and various trends. Inspiration for new products usually comes from local cuisines and dietary habits. Furthermore, we also create products that follow new lifestyles where typically there is a lack of time to prepare complicated dishes.

Every day we try to respond to all the needs of our society.

The History the Meggle Company

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, the story of our company begins in 1996, whereas in Germany, more specifically Bavaria near Munich, as far back as 1889. At that time, Josef Anton Meggle, the grandfather of today””s owner Toni Meggle, founded a small cheese-making factory which as it turned out, had great potential. In 1996, Meggle entered the market in Bosnia-Herzegovina through distributors, and two years later founded Meggle Bosnia-Herzegovina which utilises the services of the local dairy Sapit Posušje. At the very beginning, Meggle was known for its high-quality extra quality butter, dairy spreads and milk. Meggle’s leading position was consolidated after starting its own dairy in Bihać in 2002. Today, production takes place at the site covering a total area of over 25,000 m², within which more than 4,000 m² of production and warehouse space is located along with the appropriate equipment and facilities processing milk, production and control of dairy products, as well as their proper storage and distribution to the market.

Thanks to the capacity of the dairy, and to a smaller extent an imported assortment from sister companies across Europe, Meggle has successfully retained its assortment of over 150 different products. The most famous products from the local range are certainly milk, yogurt, sour cream, kefir cream, kajmak cream, vajkrem and cooking cream… The quality of our domestic products has been recognised by countries in the region, hence today, Meggle Bosnia-Herzegovina exports to markets in Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and since 2015 to the markets in European Union countries, primarily Croatia. MEGGLE Bosnia-Herzegovina is constantly investing into expanding its production and logistics capacities, as well as introducing and investing in new technologies, training and development of their staff, and the company provides significant assistance to agricultural producers in their efforts to significantly improve and increase their production with the aim of increasing the level of their competitiveness.

Today, Meggle Bosnia-Herzegovina employs 205 workers and collaborates with approximately 3,000 farmers whose farms are spread across the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and where annually approximately 50 million litres of fresh cow milk are purchased. The annual milk processing capacity is around 130 million litres.

Jadranka Penava
+387 37 318 700
+387 37 318 715
Grabeška 34, 77 000 Bihać, Bosna i Hercegovina

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