LYKOS Balkan Metals d.o.o.

LYKOS Balkan Metals d.o.o


LYKOS Balkan Metals d.o.o. based in Bijeljina is a B&H subsidiary of the Australian company LYKOS Metals Limited, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: LYK). LYKOS Metals Limited through LYKOS Balkan Metals d.o.o. Bijeljina plans to invest in geological research of base and precious metals at three locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The research will be conducted in the municipalities of Petrovo, Mrkonjic Grad, as well as in part Jezero and Shipovo, and in the municipality of Cajnice. LYKOS’s research venture, which should bring a significant boost to the economy of Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be based on research into economically viable reserves of lead, zinc and copper ores in order to open environmentally sustainable mines. The conditions for listing on the ASX dictate strict business rules from the start and the global standards of environmental sustainability that LYKOS has committed itself to adhering to. These standards impose environmental protection as an absolute priority on which business success depends.

Milos Bosnjakovic
+387 65 218 241
Lykos Balkan Metals
Majevickih brigada, block 52, no. 8, Novi Dvorovi, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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