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Bosna Bank International (BBI) is the first and only bank in BiH and the region which operates in accordance with the principles of Islamic banking. It was founded on October 19th 2000 with its headquarters in Sarajevo. The founders of BBI are the Islamic Development Bank (Saudi Arabia), with shareholding of 45.46%, Dubai Islamic Bank (UAE) with the initial share of 27.27% and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (UAE) with the initial share of 27, 27%).

Banks which have established BBI were rewarded the ranking of AAA (triple A) by the world’s largest bank ranking organization, and this rank is awarded only to the best and safest financial institutions.
Although in BiH there is no legal framework for the operation of the bank in accordance with Islamic principles, BBI has invested great efforts and made substitute products, so that now it offers all products and services as conventional banks, which are not in conflict with either Islamic or local legislation.
Today, BBI operates with 23 branch offices across the country. By developing a business network and opening branch offices across BiH, we have given access to affordable financial lines to greater number of citizens and thereby increasing the market share of BBI bank. BBI Bank joined the rank of banks with the largest number of ATM machines in the country and this is ensured by initiating the formation of the “BH ATM network.”
Since 2010, BBI Bank has been organizing Sarajevo Business Forum, an international investment conference where local entrepreneurs have the opportunity to meet and implement business cooperation with investors from around the world.
BiH has great potential for growth in agriculture, tourism, energy, telecommunications and BBI as a socially responsible bank seeks to contribute to the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina and provide favourable means of financing. It should be noted that the Turkish financial line, which provided existence for over 1,000 returnee families, through the financing of the economy opened more than 1,700 jobs as well as the line of the World Bank, intended for small and medium enterprises.
During the global economic and financial crisis, commercial banks were under severe pressure from customers. However, banks whose business is in line with Islamic principles have not felt the negative effects of the world crisis. The reason for this is that behind all the transactions of the banks there are real values.
BBI bank as an institution which operates in accordance with Islamic principles and offers security and trust to its clients in this period recorded a growth in the number of service users.
BBI Bank as a recognizable brand in the business development and society as a whole
  • Since 2010 till today, every year BBI organizes the Sarajevo Business Forum, the largest international investment conference in modern Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • BBI is the first bank which established a VIP Business Club, for clients/companies for making business connections and establishing links with foreign markets.
  • BBI in cooperation with the University of Bolton UK initiated the establishment of the Centre for Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo.
  • BBI has established its training house called BBI Academy, which organizes staff training through a variety of internal and external seminars and workshops.
  • BBI is one of the investors in BBI Centre.
  • BBI is the only bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina that offers zakat and hajj savings.
  • In cooperation with its partners BBI, each year, donates about one million convertible marks for over 500 students have lost one or both parents as well as for particularly successful students from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In recognition for its contribution to the development of business and society as a whole BBI has received prestigious awards such as the “Superbrand” for the 2010 and 2013/2014, “most preferred employer in the financial sector” for the 2011, 2012 and 2013, in the 2014 it is among the top three most desirable employers in this field. The Bank is the recipient of “Acknowledgements of Sarajevo” from the 2012. Director of the Bank, Amer Bukvić, is the winner of “Personality of the Year 2010” by the choice of readers daily newspaper “San”, “Best Manager in BiH banking sector and South-Eastern Europe in 2011”, “Medallion of the City of Sarajevo” in the 2011, the Charter international League of Humanists “Aurelio Peccei” in the 2012In 2013 the director of BBI was awarded the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) recognition in the category of “International Banking”. That same year, Tun. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, on behalf of the Foundation “Perdana Leadership” presented the awards to the most successful entrepreneurs of BiH. Recognition in the field of banking, Dr Mahathir presented to Amer Bukvic.
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