Alba BH d.o.o.

Alba BH d.o.o.

Company profile

ALBA AG is now one of the three leading European company for the performance of utility services, and is the leading recycling concern in Europe.

ALBA AG is active in the following areas: elimination of waste, waste management, land management and recycling steel and other materials.

ALBA AG removes and manages all types of waste and provides a complete range of services. ALBA AG specializes in the planning and optimizing waste management.

Thanks to its extensive experience, ALBA AG provides consultancy services to SMEs, industry, municipal agencies and other companies. Our high quality services provide you with the opportunity to significantly reduce costs.

Vlado Jerkić
+387 36 348 603
387 36 348 855
Alba BH
Kneza Višeslava 12, 88000 Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina

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