FIC participated in consultations on priorities related to the development of the new IFC strategy for BiH

24. December 2020by ficba

In March 2020, just before the start of the pandemic, IFC completed consultations with stakeholders to discuss a detailed socio-economic analysis of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was published in a document entitled “Systematic Country Diagnostic Update”.
After the analysis, the goal of the IFC was to immediately start developing a strategy for the IFC in BiH, for the next five years, 2021-2025, however, the new circumstances disrupted the original schedule. At the end of 2020, IFC finally started the preparation of a new strategy and thus consultations with representatives of the real sector on priorities and recommendations related to the development of the new IFC strategy, including representatives of the FIC. Working on the preparation of the strategy is a very important moment that will define the areas on which IFC’s work will focus in the next five years and determine how IFC can be helpful in the development of the private sector in the country.
“As we define our future program, we want to ensure that we operate in those areas where our contribution is most needed and where our work can be most influential”, said on behalf of the IFC team in BiH.

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