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Al Shiddi Group was founded in 1975 and today it employs more than 1000 people all over Europe, Africa and Asia. Group conducts business in various fields, including: construction, investments, real estate, agriculture, industry and hotel industry. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, since 2006 Al Shiddi Group has four members: SRE Investment, Shad Invest, Sarajevo City Center (SCC) and Hotel Bristol.
SRE Investment is the youngest group member, founded in 2015. SRE Investment joins together a group of young and creative professionals, ready to make a huge impact in the regional business scene. They are also your primary contact point if you are interested in purchasing a villa at Poljine Hills, or if you are thinking about investing in the Bosnia and Herzegovina and the South East Europe region. SRE Investment operates in five areas: consulting, real estate and development, recruitment, trade, VIP tourism and hospitality. In line with their slogan “we get things done”, enjoy the process! Your next partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, SRE Investment.
Sarajevo City Center (SCC) is comprised of four separate but at the same time complementary parts: a modern five-star hotel, commercial and office space, shopping center with entertainment complex and an underground parking garage to accommodate for the entire Center. Shopping Mall is spread on over 49 000 square meters. Around 80 shops offer worldwide known brands in fashion, sports and technology for a unique shopping experience.
Shad Invest is an amazing team of engineers and architects with a visionary management, who are directly responsible for some of the biggest developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Poljine Hills. Shad Invest is known in the market for having the hardest working and the most talented and inspiring staff, moving borders in both the visual appeal of their developments, as well as in their efficient and environment friendly construction.
Hotel Bristol is the only first class international hotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Contemporary design, stylish dining and state of the art meeting facilities, all carefully planned to provide memorable and cheerful experiences. The 186-room Hotel Bristol Sarajevo is a 12-story, luxury hotel located about five minutes from the Old City via taxi or the hotel’s shuttle. There’s an indoor swimming pool, underground parking, and a mini-fridge stocked daily with juices and water.
Nudžejma Skenderović
+387 33 295 705
+387 33 295 704
SRE Investment
Fra Anđela Zvizdovića 1, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

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