Company profile
PHOENIX Pharma d.o.o. is a leading pharmaceutical and medical products wholesale company in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Becoming a member of PHOENIX Group in May 2009. The focus of business activity is the delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical products to all users, throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company operates in regional centres in Bijeljina, where the headquarters of the Company, Sarajevo and Banja Luka, on 5,000 m2 of warehouse space, 250 employees and over 9,500 items on offer.

Our business philosophy
As a family company, we are committed to our shareholders on permanent preservation and long-term increase in value. We are committed to sustainable growth to achieve continuous development. The basis of our success are our employees. Their targeted improvement in all areas not only encourage individuals, but at the same time we ensure successful development of the whole group.

Our vision
Our vision is to offer a unique and comprehensive health services, in due time and in any place. For us, this means that, along the entire pharmaceutical value chain, each group of clients we can offer them the most suitable services and products. Our wide range of services can be beneficial to producers in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies, physicians, hospitals, health insurance companies and patients. To achieve its commitment to the synergy of our activities in the areas of wholesale, retail and pharmaceutical services. In this way, we are the perfect link between manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry and patients. Together with its employees, we design our future and we continue to pursue sustainable and quality management of the company to long-term success.

Our mission
Our mission is to preserve people’s health. As a leading European distributor in the pharmaceutical industry, along with the wholesale, retail and pharmaceutical services, we are present in the 25 countries in which we operate. This day we give an important contribution to the comprehensive and safe supply of medical products in Europe: it includes logistics in healthcare for producers across Europe, support pharmacies through a variety of services and a reliable logistics, professional advice in our pharmacies as well as the overall optimization of the supply of patients. Among our customers nearly 100,000 pharmacies, millions of patients and consumers as well as many companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Zoran Lalić
+387 55 231 200
+387 55 231 231
Phoenix Pharma
Stefana Dečanskog bb, 76300 Bijeljina, Bosna i Hercegovina

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