Address:Fra Anđela Zvizdovića br. 1, 71 000 Sarajevo
Phone:+387 33 295 880

LRC d.o.o. Sarajevo was founded in 2000 and operates on the principles and model of modern business support to companies around the world. Today, the LRC d.o.o. Sarajevo, as the oldest and largest credit rating company in BiH, has a significant database of all registered BiH businesses, and continues to expand its database, services, as well as its client network.

Over the years, we have managed to establish cooperation with over 5000 clients (financial institutions, legal entities, insurance companies, etc.) and offer them solutions related to business analysis and information, as well as mediation in collection of claims.

A team of 20 employees with years of experience is constantly at your disposal and allows you to work with minimal risk, increase sales, make better business decisions and improve claims management.

Our business solutions are divided into 2 key segments:
1. LRC BIS – Business Intelligence System – Business information and analysis
2. LRC Inkasso – Professional claims management

Emil Kučković
Dr. Fetaha Bećirbegovića 1b, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

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