DDC multilangual services


DDC MLS have over 30 years’ experience in Global BPO, and have access to a workforce of thousands that speak over 40 languages.DDC MLS brings together a balanced blend of people, technology and location to offer business outsourcing solutions that are smart, flexible, agile and innovative. We approach each opportunity without preconceived views, knowing that the optimum solution will be unique to their needs. This specialist approach requires the skills and experience of experts in business process outsourcing who, through a fully consultative approach, can translate each set of requirements into solutions that deliver tangible and measurable benefits. Building the right relationships and working hard for our clients goes hand in hand, not just at the beginning but throughout the relationship, as we recognise requirements change and there is often a need to evolve the service. DDC MLS brings together extensive experience from across The DDC Group. The company has seen fast growth servicing a variety of clients in many industries. We are part of The DDC Group; a global multi-million dollar BPO and KPO company. We pride ourselves on relieving our clients` business headaches and exceeding expectations. Our unique position allows us to not only improve our clients` lives, but also that of the wider community, something we take great pride in across The DDC Group. We are proud of our reputation within the market as a leader in multilingual business processing solutions. Our management team possesses a wealth of experience, which is applied in an intuitive and collaborative manner. These two elements combined are what make DDC MLS, the award-winning company we are.

Kemal Babić
+387 33 730 285
CMS - Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Pijačna 6, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

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