SHP CELEX: About challenges on supplying market with most wanted product during the corona virus pandemic and the ability to adapt

In an interview for the Banja Luka''s portal Srpska Info, SHP Celex production director Dragana Obradović and sales manager Mario Blažević talk about the challenges that this Banja Luka-based company faced due to the enormous demand for toilet paper and difficult transport, and how to quickly adapt to new situation on market.

Since the beginning of the corona virus pandemic, toilet paper has become one of the most wanted items in the entire world. The Banja Luka factory, which is part of the SHP Group from Slovakia and a member of the Foreign Investors Council in BiH, faced a new challenge and successfully resisted all obstacles.

Director Obradović states that during the pandemic, orders increased by almost 50 percent, and the main raw material for production, cellulose, was procured in Italy until the outbreak of the epidemic. Due to the situation in that country, they had to find an alternative, and directed the purchase of cellulose to the Scandinavian countries, Germany and the Netherlands.

Sales manager, Mario Blažević, explains that during the corona virus outbreak, company was ready  despite enormous demand and difficult transport due to delays at the borders.

"The ability to adapt quickly is key to success. It also helped that we were constantly producing at full capacity, so we had enough stock. However, the most important thing is that all our workers are healthy, because without good workers there is no successful company " - says Blažević.

He also added that the company is in the process of implementing a significant investment, which includes the purchase of additional cellulose processing machines, emphasizing that the health and safety of workers is their absolute priority.

In addition to caring for workers and all measures taken at the group level to reduce the risk of infection, they say that SHP Celex, as a socially responsible company, seeks to support health institutions in Republika Srpska with donations to hospitals and health centers, because they want to contribute to the fight against the corona virus.                              

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