ProCredit Bank d.d.

ProCredit Bank d.d.
CEO: Edin Hrnjica
Address: Franca Lehara bb,
71000 Sarajevo
Tel: + 387 33 250 950
Fax: + 387 33 250 971
Company profile

ProCredit Bank is a development-oriented commercial bank. We offer excellent customer service to small and medium enterprises and to private individuals who would like to save. In our operations, we adhere to a number of core principles: We value transparency in our communication with our customers, we do not promote consumer lending, we strive to minimise our ecological footprint, and we provide services which are based both on an understanding of each client’s situation and on a sound financial analysis. In our operations with business clients, we focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, as we are convinced that these businesses create jobs and make a vital contribution to the economies in which they operate. By offering simple and accessible deposit facilities and other banking services and by investing substantial resources in financial education, we aim to promote a culture of savings and financial responsibility.

Our shareholders expect a sustainable return on investment over the long term, rather than being focused on short-term profit maximisation. We invest extensively in the training and development of our staff in order to create an open and efficient working atmosphere, and to provide friendly and competent (customer) service for our clients.

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