NSoft d.o.o.

NSoft d.o.o.
CEO: Stjepko Čordaš
Address: Blajburških žrtava b.b.
88000 Mostar
Tel:+387 36 317 710
Fax: +387 36 320 037
Website: www.nsoft.com
Established in 2008, NSoft has grown from a development office with two employees, to an exceptional gaming and betting software development company with more than 170 amazing individuals focusing on innovation.Throughout the years NSoft has generated many interesting ideas that got an opportunity to develop into a successful businesses under SPARK Group, which NSoft is also a part of.

There are no offices at NSoft, no cubicles, nobody has an office of their own regardless of their job position. We are talking about open space here. In combination with the no-rules-system, it offers multiple benefits to employees. Open office policy has its flaws but after some time working in that way you simply get used to each other and learn how to function constructively with everyone. Developers have the freedom to create their own teams and develop a product, without any instructions given by the management.

The freedom to be innovative and creative, as well as trust and mutual respect that exists between employer and employees are the main reasons we came this far. That NSoft culture is what makes NSoft so different from every other company.

We have tried implementing many different systems until we’ve reached this point. From standard 8 working hours with the 30 minute break we went to having flexible working hours where you can start your day anytime from 7 to 10 a.m. After that we experimented with the Swedish model having only 6 working hours. All of that was done with tracking the efficiency of each system through motivational variables, the success of each project and the overall contentment of the employees. Finally we’ve decided to go for full work flexibility, where the employees can enjoy more freedom while doing very stressful jobs.

Given the fact that our employee numbers are growing by each day, getting to know each other and staying tight as one big family has become a real job. That is why we pay a lot of attention to team buildings for the entire SPARK Group. Each month all 200+ employees gather for a meeting and breakfast. Following those two things, depending on the time of the year, we plan various activities and trips. So far, we have tried: bowling, archery, paintball, bubble football, swimming, kayaking etc. We all went together on a summer vacation and spent some memorable time on the Adriatic shore enjoying the sea, the sun, each others company and some very bad internet.

Why do we do this? We want to be different and strive to be an example to every other company to show how employees should be treated. Just because you are at your desk for eight hours does not mean you are being productive. People must be able to breathe and feel as less pressure as possible. Content and motivated employees are undeniably more productive and relaxed which is why this kind of surroundings create additional boost and dedication to complete the work and deliver the best possible results.
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