IMO Junior d.o.o.

IMO Junior d.o.o.
CEO: Mirko Vincetić, dipl. ecc.
Address: Ugljara 56,
76270 Orašje
Tel: 031 712 576; 065 521 441
The company IMO-JUNIOR d.o.o. Orašje is specialized for services of refunding value added tax (VAT) from abroad – to legal entities (firms) from Bosnia and Herzegovina. IMO-JUNIOR d.o.o. Orašje is the exclusive and general representative of the Swiss company CASH BACK for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Swiss Cash Back has for 30 years been providing services of VAT refunding for companies (legal entities) and has offices in 35 countries in the EU, the former Yugoslavia, America, Africa, and Asia. The most important quality of CASH BACK is a wide network of offices, huge experience and high rating enjoyed by domicile offices with local tax authorities. The CASH BACK headquarters supports all its offices with powerful logistics reflected in experts in various fields of VAT as well as an efficient payment system through which a transfer of the refunded money is conducted.

The headquarters of Cash Back has a direct and institutional cooperation with the VAT Committee of the European Commission. The Cash Back network includes the Bosnia and Herzegovina office of IMO JUNIOR, with an international IVA Certificate, which is the highest European standard in this field. In principle, in order to realize the right to a refund two basic conditions need to be fulfilled. The first is for the state from which the client originates to apply VAT and the second is for the client to be a VAT payer. Since VAT has been applied in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 01 January 2006, conditions have been met for firms from Bosnia and Herzegovina to realize their right to a VAT refund from foreign tax authorities. VAT rates in EU countries are around 17-25% which practically means that a VAT refund from abroad can save 1/5 of the costs.

A VAT refund is done based on different costs for services, most often like: hotel accommodation, fairs, congresses, seminars , registration fees, membership fees, tolls, fuel, business entertainment, attorney fees, advertising services, leasing services, product processing, etc.. IMO JUNIOR d.o.o. in the entire process of VAT refunding from foreign tax administrations applies standards and procedures stipulated by the Swiss CASH BACK, and these are European standards.
Deadlines for submitting an application for refunding in most EU states are six months upon expiration of the calendar year. The exceptions are the Netherlands and Great Britain. For now VAT refunding for firms from Bosnia and Herzegovina is possible from the following states: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Iceland, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain.

Refunding is possible from the following states of the former Yugoslavia: Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia..
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