Foreign Investors Council in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers Sarajevo and the Federal Ministry of Finance held a meeting on implementation of the Law on Corporate Income Tax with reference to the Ordinance on the Implementation of the Law on Incom

Tax experts in their role as hosts of the meeting were Ms. Medina Dudo from the Federal Ministry of Finance, Ms. Mubera Brkovic, Tax Manager PricewaterhouseCoopers Sarajevo, and Ms. Nermin Hadzihasanovic, aconsultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers Sarajevo.

Working group for tax and fiscalpolicy, which operates under the FIC and is in charge of the implementation ofrecommendations in the field of tax and fiscal policy, organized the firstmeeting in 2017 on the subject of income tax in the Federation BiH, an areawhich is at this time of year of particular interest to companies because ofthe obligation to submit annual financial calculation of the tax authorities,especially after the adoption of the new Law on Corporate Income Tax of theFBiH and the new Ordinance on the Implementation of the Law on Corporate IncomeTax FBiH adopted in 2016.Recentlyadopted law provides an update of the earlier law and gives precise guidelinesfor determination of tax base. Also, special emphasis was placed on filing taxforms, determining transfer pricing, double taxation issues and submission ofthe necessary documentation. This training is a continuation of a series of seminarsand training initiated in the previous year, organized by the FIC, processingthe ongoing specific topics that are of interest to members of the FIC.

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